Emeryville Community Grant Program Award for Techno Tamaladas

In April of 2019, I was awarded a grant from the City of Emeryville Community Grant Program to do my Techno-Tamaladas in Emeryville.

The Techno-Tamaladas is a project I began developing in my 2018 residency with Grace Performance Space in upstate New York. It is a performance project that invites folks to come together, learn how to make delicious tamales, eat together, and give tamales away to community members.

Corn/maize is a life giving technology in Indigenous, Latinx and African American communities of the Americas. This project will be centered at ECAP in Emeryville, and will bring together the haves, the have-nots, artists, workers, youth, city council members, elderly, homeless, disabled folks, and more - to join together, make food, and creatively share technologies of life.

Check back for updates!!!

Praba Pilar1 Comment