PARTNERSHIP ON AI: A Hallucinatory Inversion

The simulacrum is generating hallucinatory inversions so confounding that they mimic damaging electroshocks to the body. A recent example is the Partnership on AI to Benefit People and Society - or PAI, created to manage fair, transparent, accountable, and safety critical artificial intelligence for social good. In the WHEN WAS PAI CREATED of the FAQs, PAI’s website states that: “The Partnership was formally established in late 2016, led by a group of AI researchers representing six of the world’s largest technology companies: Apple, Amazon, DeepMind and Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft.

This list consists of corporations that not only do not practice transparency, accountability, or social responsibility, but are renown for abusive and exploitative dataveillance, information warfare, militarized technologies, environmentally destructive practices, labor movement ruptures, and in the case of Google and Facebook, are quasi-military institutions ruthlessly commodifying all life into data for their profit.

How are the goals of the partnership to be met, when the founding corporations are already violating all but TENET 5 (TENET 5 states: “We will engage with and have representation from stakeholders in the business community to help ensure that domain-specific concerns and opportunities are understood and addressed”) of their list of 8 TENETS.

On that list, TENET 6 states:

We will work to maximize the benefits and address the potential challenges of AI technologies, by:

  • (a) Working to protect the privacy and security of individuals.

  • (b) Striving to understand and respect the interests of all parties that may be impacted by AI advances.

  • (c) Working to ensure that AI research and engineering communities remain socially responsible, sensitive, and engaged directly with the potential influences of AI technologies on wider society.

  • (d) Ensuring that AI research and technology is robust, reliable, trustworthy, and operates within secure constraints.

  • (e) Opposing development and use of AI technologies that would violate international conventions or human rights, and promoting safeguards and technologies that do no harm.

Apple, Amazon, DeepMind and Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft are not meeting point (a), (b), (c), (d), or (e) of Tenet 6. Over 2018 it has been revealed repeatedly in mainstream media outlets how Facebook has engaged in corporate practices that have gone as far as to incite genocide in Myanmar, how Deep Mind gained access to in depth sensitive medical information on 1.6 million patients treated annually at 3 London hospitals - without ethical or legal approval, how the environmentally destructive practices of the high tech industry led to conditions where Santa Clara County has more Superfund sites than any other county in the United States. Twenty-three of the sites remain in remediation today - one can simply research any of these corporations in mainstream media to find that their core business practices are damaging to the environment and very dangerous to society. Without even entering the problematics that artificial intelligence introduces to the field, these corporations have already introduced technologies that are now ubiquitous THAT DO DESTRUCTIVE HARM.

Praba PilarComment