Public Talks :: Lectures


I found the lusty mix of joy, laughter, and disgust in your work just fascinating and really compelling.

Vanessa Chang, Curator of ARTOBOTS, CODAME Art+Tech Festival 2018



2019 Lecture, “Performance, Temporary Utopias, and Molecular Agency,” Noontime Lecture Series, Performance Studies Program, UC Davis.

2019 Lecture, “Temporary Utopias in the Extractocene,” Primeval Intersections Performance Workshop class, California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA

2019 Artist’s Talk, “Art in the Extractocene,” for Public Art class, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA

2019 Artist’s Talk, for Art in it’s Place class, Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA.

2018 Panelist, “The NO!!!BOT: Situating the Web of the Necro-Techno Complex,” Arousal Panel at Taboo, Transgression and Transcendence in Art and Science. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico City, Mexico.

2018     Talk, "The Extractocene: Automation, Parasitism, Cannibalism, Fakism" for Automation Gone Awry, CODAME #Artobots Art+Tech Festival, San Francisco, CA.

2018     Panelist, “EcoDomics and the Glitch: Art, Data, Theory,” with Dr. Ignacio Valero, Age of Platforms Panel, College Art Association, Los Angeles, CA.

2018     Roundtable, "Energy Plan for the Western Man: Art after Capitalism," Imagining Post-Capitalism Festival,  Eric Quezada Center for Culture and Politics, San Francisco, CA.

2018     Artist’s Talk, Living Room Light Exchange, Oakland, CA.

2016     Panelist, “Glitching the Cult of the Techno-Logic,” Affective Encounters Panel, National Women's Studies Association, Montreal.

2016     Lecture, “It’s a Big Mess: Non | Sense Making on a Damaged Planet.” Invited Lecture for Young Lungs Research Series, Winnipeg, Canada. 

2016     Lecture, “Mapping Identity: A Decolonizing Art Practices Project” UC Davis.

2016     Lecture, “Glitching the Cult of the Techno-Logic” Graduate Fine Arts Satellite Lecture Series, California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA.

2016     Artists Talk, Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Gallery Winnipeg, Canada.

2015     Panelist, “Playing the Lead: Feminism in Media Art and Gaming.” Feminist Art Conference, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada

2015     Discussant. Cyrk Salon on Intersectional Alliances. Winnipeg, Canada

2015     “Contemporary Latina/o Ritual in Performance Art,” Guest Lecturer for “Indigenous Spirituality and Contemporary Art,” Department of Religion and Culture, University of Winnipeg.

2014     Lecture, “Decolonizing Art Practices.” Cartae Open School of Ace Art, Winnipeg, Canada.

2014     Guest Interlocutor, launch of ArtLink Magazine issue on BioArt with Dr. Melentie Pandilovski. Video Pool/ACE Art. Winnipeg, Canada

2014     Presenter, “Core Issues in Cyber World Ethics.” Digital Humanities and Cultural Democracy Workshop, Introducing the HIVE Projects. University of Winnipeg.

2013    Moderator, “Toxic Life and Engineered Death Symposium.” Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art/VideoPool. Winnipeg, Canada

2013     Panelist, “Say Yes! The Art of Sex, Blood and Politics in IGM (Intentional Genetic Modification of the Human Genome)” with Adam Zaretsky. Society for Literature, Science and the Arts, University of Notre Dame, Indiana.

2013     Guest Lecturer, “Techknowledgies and Feminist (dis)Engagement,” New Media, Culture Jamming and the Third Wave, University of Winnipeg, Canada.

2013     Guest Lecturer, “Latina Artists in the Techno-Sphere” Mentoring Artists for Women in the Arts, Winnipeg, Canada

2013     Post-Doctoral Fellowship Lecture, “Embodied Theory in the TechnoSphere,” University of Winnipeg, Canada

2012     Artists Talk, Saint Mary’s College of California, Moraga, CA.

2011     Artists Talk, DRA 10 Course, UC Davis, Davis, CA

2011    Panelist, “SARLAR PRESENTS.”  Theories of Eco-Sex Panel,” Eco-Sex Symposium, Center for Sex and Ecology, SF, CA

2010    Panelist, “MultiSpecies Salon.”  NatureCulture Conference, Society for Cultural Anthropology, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2010     Artists Talk, DRA 10 Course, UC Davis, Davis, CA

2010     Artists Talk, Galeria Miau Miau, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

2009     Panelist, “Sustainable Computing.”  Town Hall on Sustainability at the Computers & Writing Conference, University of California Davis, Davis, CA

2009   Panelist, Global Disconnects: The Internet and Human Trafficking Conference, UC Berkeley

2009   Panelist, “TechnoIntervention and Reanimating History,” Hastings Law School, SF, CA

2008   Panelist, “Art and Radical Resistance.”  Radical Philosophers Association Conference:  Art, Praxis and Social Transformation,” San Francisco State University, SF, CA

2008   Panelist, “Tactical Trade Show,” UCIRA Conference, UC Riverside, Riverside, CA

2008   Panelist, “Performance: Readers, Writers & Technology Conference,” UC Davis, Davis, CA

2008   Panelist, “Identity, Performance, Representation: New Modes of Interpretation in the Humanities,” UC Davis, Davis, CA

2007     Panelist and Moderator, Eco-Artists Roundtable, The Oakland Museum of California, Oakland, California

2007     Artists Talk, Mills College, Oakland, CA

2007     Guest Lecturer, “Cyber Realidades,” Eco-Art Matters, Laney College, Oakland, CA

2006     Artists Talk, University of California at Davis, Davis, California

2006     Panelist, “Technology in the Service of Social Change,” Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA

2006     Roundtable, “The School of Panamerican Unrest,” Museum of African Diaspora/Mexican Museum, SF, CA

2006     Artists Talk, De Young Museum, San Francisco, California

2006     Guest Lecturer, “Interventionist Performance Strategies,” SF State University, SF, CA

2006     Guest Lecture, “Agent Provocateur: Interventionist Storytelling,” Tactics and Critics Series, University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale, Illinois

2005     Guest Lecturer, "MediaScape," State University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York

2005     Artist Talk, State University of New York at Albany, Albany, New York

2004     Panelist “Use, Misuse and Appropriation,” Powering Up/Powering Down Conference on Radical Media Arts, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA

2004     Guest Lecturer, "PrabATELIER, Interactive Seminar," Studio XX, Montreal, Canada

2004     Artist Talk, Le Local, Montreal, Canada

2004     Guest Lecturer, “From Intervention to Artervention,” John F. Kennedy University, Berkeley

2003     Guest Lecturer, “From Public Art to DSLR-West,” University of San Francisco, SF

2003     Guest Lecturer, “Manipulative, Coercive Landscapes,” San Jose State University, San Jose

2003     Guest Lecturer, “DSLR-West,” Laney College, Oakland

2003     Guest Lecturer, “From Technotopia to Technopocalypse,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois

2003     Workshop, “Art Strategies of the Surveillance Society,” Version3.Fest, Chicago, Illinois

2003     Guest Lecturer, “Chicano Collaborations in the New World,” Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

2002     Guest Lecturer, “Histories in Installation Art,” San Francisco State University, SF.

2002     Guest Lecturer, “Fruitvale Historic Markers,” Oakland Heritage Alliance, Oakland.

2002     Panel, “Women in Technology,” Int’l Museum of Women; Inst for Women & Technology,  XeroxParc, Palo Alto.

2002     Guest Lecturer, “Cultural Activism in Global Organizing,” University of California, Davis.

2001     Guest Lecturer, “Culture and Social Change,” Crossing Borders Summer Inst, UC Santa Cruz

2001     Guest Lecturer, “Collaborative Processes,” Graduate Dept of Interarts, SF State University.

2001     Panelist, “Using Language as a Tool for Social Change,” Living Word Conference, SF, CA

2001     Panelist, “Framed Media Representations of Crime and Punishment,” Critical Resistance Conference, Berkeley, CA

2001     Panelist, “Restrained Abundance: Social Issues in Latin American Art,” SF Museum of Modern Art, SF, CA

2000     Visiting Artist, Graduate Department of Conceptual Information Arts, SF State University.

1999     Guest Lecturer, “Guerilla Modem,” Lecture on Web Artivism at Media Alliance, SF.

1999     Panelist, “Alternative Media Conference,” University of San Francisco, SF, CA

1998     Guest Lecturer, “Scratch Disk Lecture Series,” Grad Dept Conceptual Information Arts, SF State University.

1998     Guest Lecturer, “Social Art Tactics” class, MFA Program, SF State University.

1998     Artist Panel, “Saints, Icons & Alteregos: Redefining the Art of Devotion,” MACLA San Jose.

1997     Guest Lecturer, “Contemporary Artists Series,” BFA Program, UC Berkeley.

1997     Artist Panel, “Home Grown: Fields of Califas,” Galeria de la Raza, S.F.

1996     Guest Lecturer, “Recent Work,” Folsom Street Interchange Gallery, S.F.

1996     Artist Panel, “Go Unnoticed; Images of Regeneration,” Galeria de la Raza, S.F