Larval Rock Stars

Larval Rock Stars is an ongoing multi-modal project (website, writing, performance/sound/video experiments, couplings, twinning, etc) of the distributed intelligence of the orbifold twins who hold the larvae between them - Pilarva (Praba Pilar) and Larvaidya (Anuj Vaidya), also known as Pilarvaidya. We intersect the bio-techno-critical and the absurd as the segmented paramythology of larvae of the post-human future. “Behold the larva we hold between us – the formless, shapeless, and unknowable potential for new life on earth.” Born of prophesy, and precipitated by the hubris of man, LRS brings tidings of a new future – a post-human future, and offers movement from necrotic egocentrism to biotic ecocentrism.

Larval Rock Stars share gleanings from their paramythologies on the Question Mark.

2019 Larval Rock Stars co publication, Eco-Poetics for a Pluriverse in Transit co-written with Alex Wilson, Elin Már Øyen Vister, and mirko nikolić. In MAI: FEMINISM & VISUAL CULTURE, Issue 4: 'Feminist New Materialist Practice - The Mattering of Methods,' published May 21, 2019.

Behold the Larvalscene Performance at Third Street Gallery, San Francisco, California, 2017

How does the universe speak? How does it bear witness? How does it, in all humility, undo itself? From radioactive waste to microplastic pollution, from military bio-engineering to genome sequencing, the Anthropocene has reduced the embodied emergent to a machinic eradication. We transit collective toxic entanglements by decentering the false consciousness of the human – a sad artifact of the ‘hubris of the zero point’ (Castro-Gómez). We transitivize segments of the LRS paramythology to help Homo Sapiens crawl away from scopophilia, logocentrism, and ecocide. We model ecdysis, or moulting, as a proliferative technique to discard the ideological parasite of human exceptionalism (Loa loa ideologica), and restore states of larval potential. Our distributed intelligence contages others into co-creating the microbial proletariat to usher in the post-human Larvalscene.

Photos by Martin Franco.

Ambient Performance at Environmentalism Outside the Box: An EcoSex Symposium, Santa Cruz, California. May 17-20, 2017

Larval Rock Stars brought their Pupation Station to Environmentalism Outside the Box EcoSex Symposium, a multi-disciplinary gathering to explore our relationships with the environment and social justice, engage in human/non-human collaboration, critique ideologies and debate new sexualities.

Participants ingested larvae, tried our Question Mark Re-Visioning Lenses, walked the labyrinth of the Question Mark, and imbibed the possibilities of larval becomings.

Photos by Zen Cohen.

2017 Science and Technology Studies Retreat Workshop, Headlands, California

In this workshop, we transitivized segments of LRS paramythologies which help homo sapiens crawl away from scopophilia, logocentrism, false consciousness, hubris, and ecocide. We shared our growing tales/tails, our practices of ecdysis or moulting, and with participants co-created contagions of existing ‘technology’ with multi-species biotic-tech. Together, we amplified our larval sensoriums to offer movement from necrotic egocentrism to biotic ecocentrism.

Environmental Humanities and New Materialisms: The Ethics of Decolonizing Nature and Culture, Paris, France. June 9, 2017

Larval Rock Stars joined Alex Wilson, Elin Oyen Vister, and mirko nikolic to dialogue, think and make together and then share our practices of an eco-poetics and bioethics for a pluriverse in transit. We were unable to travel to Paris at this time, so participated remotely.

“The Second Nature” Riga, Latvia, September 19, 2017

By acknowledging the work of First Nations, Inuit and Māori cultures in thinking an expanded idea of ecology, The Second Nature inhabits a collapsed border between the self and the environment, and between those who protect, and that which is to be protected. On the one side it drags the human as part of nature in the ecological concerns; on the other it explores the assigning of a political agency to non-human entities, challenging the anthropocentric delimitation of political agency at the core of Western politics. A program in the middle of nature to reflect on nature with feminist and indigenous ecologies.

With Elizabeth Povinelli, Karrabing Film Collective, Candice Hopkins,  a concert by Uyarakq; a sound intervention by Elin Már Øyen Vister, Mirko Nikolić, Alex Wilson and Larval Rock Stars, and the screening of Melanie Bonajo’s Nocturnal Gardening in the forest.


Larval Rock Stars (Praba Pilar and Anuj Vaidya) at the "Catastrophe, Cataclysm and the Singular Accident" Symposium of the Age of Catastrophe. Organized by Video Pool Media Arts Center & Actual Contemporary in Winnipeg, Canada. Exhibition and events curated by Melentie Pandilovski, Tom Kohut. November 15, 2015.