Local News Coverage on First Techno-Tamalada

Local news coverage, by journalist Sarah Belle Lin, featuring the Techno-Tamaladas in relation to the homeless crisis in the Bay Area - my focus is on how the technology sector has made it worse, and how we can address it:

“I envision contributing to collective approaches that address the imbalances of wealth,” said Praba Pilar, the scholar and artist behind Techno-Tamaladas. "Locally, the cost has been wealth inequality, increasing poverty, increasing homelessness of children, gentrification, displacement and extremely damaging impacts on low-income communities,” she said.

She wanted a way to take her specialized knowledge and information about technologies and the resurgence of Indigenous, Latinx and African-American communities and share it with the public.

The event on Saturday attracted over 300 people: a mix of low-income folks from the area, individuals from homeless camps, city councilmembers and local artists.

More at the Emeryville Eye.