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2017. Situating the Web of the Necro-Techno Complex: The Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno. Performance, Religion, and Spirituality (PRS), Vol. 1, Issue 1, “Spiritual and Religious Performances of Activism and Protest.”

2017. Book Chapter: Restorying Hemispheric Resistencia, co-written with Alex Wilson. Why Don’t the Poor Rise Up? Edited by Ajamu Nangwaya and Michael Truscello. AK Press. Reprinted in English in ROAR Magazine, January 16, 2018. Translations/Publications in Spanish: "Poniendo las bases de la resistencia indígena" El Salto Journal, Spain. Translation by Eduardo Pérez. Published March 3, 2018.  Poniendo las bases de la resistencia indígena." Desinformémonos: Periodismo de Abajo. Translation by Eduardo Pérez. Published March 3, 2018. Translation/Publication in Italian: "Introduzione alle tendenze della resistenza dei nativi." Il Centro Studi Sereno Regis, Torino, Italy. Translated by Franco Malpeli. Published February 1, 2018.

2016 Multi-Media Journal Piece: Enigma Symbiotica. Scholar & Feminist Online Issue 13.3 - 14.1, Traversing Technologies. Edited by Patrick Keilty & Leslie Regan Shade.

2016. Book Chapter: BOT I: A Performance Script in Two Parts. Are All the Women Still White? Rethinking Race, Expanding Feminisms. Edited by Janell Hobson. SUNY Press.

2016 Image: Winnipeg Telephone (Artist) Book. As part of visual telephone game book, featuring 75 artists. Also As Well Too Press: Winnipeg, Canada.

2015 Journal Article: Glitching the Cult of the Techno-Logic. Women Eco Artists Dialogue Journal, Issue 8:  Feminism Now.

2013 Essay: BOT I. Lateral Journal of the Cultural Studies Association Spring 2013. Thread:  In Search of Digital Feminisms. Edited by Katherine Behar and Silvia Ruzanka.

2013 Freya Olafson and Praba Pilar: In Conversation. The Dance Current. Volume 16, Issue 5.

2012  Multi-Media Article: Sarlar. Gemini: Alter-Ego Issue. KATALOG, a publication of Central Canadian Center for Performance.  Published September 8, 2012.

2012  Faith in Machine, an Interview with Praba Pilar with Localflux.net

2012  Journal Article: Ruptures in Technoculture: Technophilic Society and Interventionist Performance.” WEAD Magazine, Issue 4:  No Time For Complacency.

2011  Praise the Lord & Pass the Critical Theory: An Interview with Praba Pilar of the Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno.  H+ Magazine. R.U. Sirius, published: March 15, 2011

2002  Interview. The Art of Social Justice. Interview by James Tracy in The Civil Disobedience Handbook: A Brief History and Practical Advice for the Politically Disenchanted, edited by James Tracy. Manic dPress: San Francisco. Pgs 41-43.

2002  Cybridnetics: An Ese from the Other side of the Digital Divide, co-authored with Los Cybrids, La Raza Techno-Critica. Tripwire, A Journal of Poetics.

2001  Book Chapter, Surveillance: How to Survive, Thrive and Stay Alive, co-authored with Los Cybrids, La Raza Techno-Critica. Ed.Tiny, aka Lisa Gray-Garcia, Po’ Press.

2001  Tech Flesh 3: The Hexterminators, co-authored with Hexterminators, Interview with Eugene Thacker, CTHEORY.NET, May, 2011


DISSERTATION: Latin@s Byte Back: Contestational Performance in the TechnoSphere. Submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Performance Studies at the University of California at Davis. 2014.

Latin@s Byte Back: Contestational Performance in the TechnoSphere explores the ongoing projects of Latin@ performance artists in the United States who resist, subvert and contest unethical and destructive aspects of contemporary technological development. It is focused on discursive formations, progress narratives, ideology, interpellation, and resistance. The critical praxis of these artists strategically side-steps binary oppositions and counter stances, pushes at cracks in capitalist discourse, and opens up possibilities for autonomous thought, in the service of a richer, fuller, more democratic integration of technology.