I work on numerous educational projects as an artist and scholar. These include being a professional mentor for MAWA: Mentoring Artists for Women in the Arts in Winnipeg; being on the committees for two excellent Master's Thesis - Michael Lucenkiw's Flora Machina: A Defensible Cyborg Landscape for his Masters of Landscape Architecture, University of Manitoba in 2014; and Mabel Negrete's When the Invisible Punishing Machine is Everywhere: How Mechanism of Social Control (Mass Incarceration, Institutionalized Racism, Slavery and Repression) in the USA Shapes the Individual as Well as the Social Space for her Masters of Science in Art, Culture and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston in 2011; and being an informal mentor to numerous artists.


Decolonizing art practices

2018 Temporary Utopias in the Extractocene. Taught as part of the Pocha Nostra 10-day interdisciplinary workshop at SOMArts exploring the concept of the “city in ruins” and artist-driven responses to the predatory politics of urban land-use. 

2017  A Pluriversal Approach to Practice. University of San Francisco. For Cesar Chavez Activism Week: Arte, Accion y Activismo.

2016  Decolonizing Academic and Aesthetic Practices. University of California at Davis. For the ‘Unsettling Performance’ group of the Performance Studies Doctoral Program.

2015-16 Mapping Myself: Decolonizing Art Practices. Program design, curriculum design, and teaching through 2-dimensional, digital and storytelling media. Sited this project with Indigenous youth at the Ndinawe Youth Resource Center, Winnipeg. Developed with funding and support from Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery, and Thomas Sill Foundation, Canada.

tech safety for activists AND COMMUNITY: A FREE VIRAL WORKSHOP

2017  KALA Art Institute, Berkeley, California, as part of Jennifer Wofford's installation Mettle Detection.

2017  California Institute for Integral Studies, San Francisco, California

2017  University of California at Davis, Davis, California

ART, practice, politics

2017 Liveness. Co-taught with Theo Pelmus and Kristin Snowbird, LIVE 2017 Biennale, Vancouver, Canada

2016  Dissident Bodies: Activism Beyond the State. Workgroup co-convener/co-leader. Santiago, Chile Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics in the Americas.  With Drs. Peter Kulchyski and Smaro Kamboureli.

2014  Artist as Repertoire. Workgroup co-convener/co-leader. Montreal, Canada Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute for Performance & Politics in the Americas. With Drs. Serna & Crowe.