Los Cybrids:  Murals
0.1 Cybrid Mural

Don't Be Left Behind, last one to cross the digital divide is a rotten egg - explores the concept of the Digital Divide as a feverish Millennial marketing pitch that insists universal access to computers and the Internet will bridge the chasm between the rich and the poor.

We are led to play follow the leader in this game of computing. Everyday we are breathlessly told that the last one to have a computer will be “left behind” and lose the possibility of participating in the “new global e-conomy”. Stand back and take a look at all the money being transferred from our wallets to Bill Gates, watch people of color filling low paying computer manufacturing jobs all over the world, watch toxic computer waste filling landfills in our communities. Who is getting wealthy and who is the real rotten egg?


0.2 Cybrid Mural

El Webopticon: Sistema de Vigilancia, explores the emergence of a technologically driven surveillance society. Whether residents of Latino barrios ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out of computers and the web, they are affected by privacy issues related to information technology, from roadside fingerprint searches to DNA bar codes.

The Webopticon is the policing device of the new international e-con order, the latest weapon in the continuing war on the poor and communities of color. The Bad news is: you do not need to be connected, to be affected.


0.3 Cybrid Mural

Humaquina: Manifest TechDestiny, explores the
see this exploration into the body as the latest manifestation of the colonialist ideal of Manifest Destiny. While the changes produced are purportedly made in order to transcend the "natural" limits of the biological body and improve life, one is left to ask who will most likely benefit.

As we unwittingly lead ourselves into the age of electronic technological machines we find ourselves unwittingly controlled by them in subtle and pervasive ways. As the technology becomes more pervasive and the profits to be gained grow, IT and electronic technologies will begin to forge into a new frontier: the body.



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