Los Cybrids:  La Raza Techno-Critica Collective, 1999-2003
Praba Pilar as Juana la Banana, Los Cybrids
Praba Pilar
photo Stewart Port 2002

Jota Leaños in Urban War Exercise, Los Cybrids
John Jota Leanos
photo Rebeka Rodriguez, 2002

Rene Garcia as Futuro Hackero, Los Cybrids
Rene Garcia
photo Stewart Port, 2002


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Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno-Critica was a junta, working from 1999-2003, of three poly-ethnic cultural diggers of the Latino sort dedicated to the critique of cyber-cultural negotiation via tecno-artistico activity. Los Cybrids ascribed to the increasingly widening liminal spaces of culture, hybridity and decentered identities reinforced by the new electronic technologies. As "Latino" artists working with digital technologies, we represented a demographic disproportionately underrepresented in the frenzied race to be connected.

Los Cybrids read "cyberspace" as a cultural artifact and archetype for access/desire, body/space, culture/globalization, and surveillance/ freedom. We resisted the idea that cyberspace provides a “level playing field” on which cultural difference is immaterial. Underlying notions of cyberspace include the idea that all people can or should gain access to “white male middle-class culture.” The promoters of the “Digital Divide” feed into this inequity by creating an imperative for ‘marginalized’ people in and outside of the US to ascribe to and strive for access to the white male middle-class ideology of a cultural geography without difference, friction-free capitalism and unfettered cultural harmony. Los Cybrids obliterated this false ideal of equal-access-to-all, suggesting that power inequalities are perpetuated, not solved, in the new geography of cyberspace. 

Our work employed performance, burla and high-tech art to undermine the passive acceptance and unacknowledged overarching social, cultural and environmental consequences of Information Technologies (IT). 

Our projects included:
- performances,
- murals,
- a visual art installation,
- street theatre,
- interventions and
- Cantinfladas.

You can view our 2003 website here 

this project received generous support from the Creative Work Fund, Creative Capital
Foundation, Potrero Nuevo Fund and the Zellerbach Family Fund.