Installed at ARTISTS TELEVISION ACCESS,Valencia and 21st Street, San Francisco

In March of 1999, the Hexterminators were commissioned to create a window installation in the windows of Artists Television Access in San Francisco. We wanted to focus attention on Monsanto Corporation's New Leaf Superior Potato.

New Leaf Superior Potato, registered with the EPA as a pesticide.
The New Leaf Superior Potato, patented by Monsanto Corporation, produces its own insecticide through every single cell of every leaf, stem, flower, root, and spud.  It is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.) as a pesticide.  Farmers will no longer need to spray pesticides on the potato; IT IS A PESTICIDE.

the potato that IS a pesticide.  no more rinsing, papi.


Because the New Leaf Superior Potato is registered with the E.P.A., the Food and Drug Administration will not regulate it.  They don't regulate pesticides, and the EPA doesn't regulate food.
Brought to you by the Life Science Masters of the Universe
you can run, but you wont be able to hide in the new biohazard zone - all farms, supermarkets and beyond
(buy organic, demand labelling, fight toxic food, take a stand.