On February 25, 1999 the Hexterminators intervened in a Monsanto Cotton Conference on Cotton. The audience was textile buyers. We came together with Bay Area Resistance to Genetic Engineering/BayRAGE to disrupt the conference proceedings and show Monsanto Corporation that opposition to their policies was strong in the Bay area.

The very next day I was supposed to go on the radio with Monsanto Corporation reprsentative to discuss opposition to Terminator Tech. They canceled, furious that their cotton presentation had been undermined. This gave the radio host the opportunity to invite someone from the Union of Concerned Scientists to the show to talk about the multiple problems with Terminator Tech.

from the press release:

FabRAGE disrupts Monsanto Cotton Conference
Thursday, February 25, 1999

A fab/glam group of artists and activists calling themselves FabRAGE; Fabulous Resistance Against Genetic Engineering today disrupted a conference panel on genetically engineered cotton featuring Monsanto Corporation.  They objected to Monsanto’s presentation of genetically engineered bollgard cotton as an acceptable alternative in the "Field to Fashion" conference sponsored by Levi-Strauss at the Westin/St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco, California (USA).


We don't cotton to bioengineered products!

"We’d rather go naked than wear genetically modified cotton!” shouted Biogrrl, a fashion diva at the event, as half a dozen artivists charged through the room and stripped off their biohazglam gowns, chanting:“We don’t want it, won’t buy it, and won’t wear it.”  Super Gene Girl, in a biohazard suit shouted, "Gene-spliced cotton is not sustainable!"

Mysteriously, an eight page fabRAGE booklet listing the serious concerns with bollgard cotton and Monsanto Corporation's use of this technology had already been distributed throughout the conference room during the lunch break.

Citing the recent studies by Arpad Pusztai published by the Rowett Research Institute and the 20 scientists from 13 countries supporting those studies that found GM potatoes had damaged the kidneys, thymus, spleen and gut of laboratory rats after only 10 days of feeding trials, and weakened their immune systems, the members of FabRAGE explained:  “There is a revolving door between the FDA, the Clinton Administration and Monsanto Corporation.  We are not fooled by their advertising campaigns or by the complicity of the Clinton administration in covering up the dangers of genetically engineered foods and products, nor by the media blackout on U.S. resistance GE products.."

The message today from FabRAGE was loud and clear:  “We won’t eat it, we won’t wear it, and we definitely won’t buy it: GE-cotton, GE-soy, rBGH milk, none of it!”

FabRAGE/Hexterminators is a project of Artists for Responsible Genetics, an organization of visionary artists exposing the dangers posed by genetically engineered products and agriculture in the United States.

From Arpad Pusztai Study conclusions:
"Accordingly, the Coordinator of FF 818 SOAEFD commissioned programme is of the opinion that the existing data fully support our suggestion that the consumption by rats of transgenic potatoes expressing GNA has significant effects on organ development, body metabolism and immune function that is fully in line with the significant compositional differences between transgenic
and corresponding parent lines of potatoes."