New Writing Projects

BOT I in the Thread: In Search of Digital Feminisms, Lateral 2, the Journal of the Cultural Studies Association
An interview with SARLAR in the Off Center Salon Blog on Creativity and Collapse
A piece on my alter-egos in Katalog Journal, Issue 7: Gemini
FAITH IN THE MACHINE, interview on localflux
RUPTURES IN TECHNOCULTURE: Technophilic Society and Interventionist Performance WEAD Journal
Interview on the Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno H+ Magazine

TechnoCultural Investigations

BOT I: Autobiographical performance project on the contemporary ethos of the technocultural revolution.

The Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno: The church of the new religion of advanced technology - nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive neuroscience.

A Cyborg Soap Opera/SARLAR: Performance project exploring technolust and technolamentations on multiple levels.

Computers Are A Girl's Best Friend: Performance and dvd on the computer revolution from a feminist and environmental perspective.

Cyber.Labia: Artwork, musings and interviews on women and computers from a feminist and environmental perspective.

Infospherian in SPECFLIC Project: An ongoing creative research project in a new storytelling form called Distributed Social Cinema, conceived and directed by Adriene Jenik

Los Cybrids: La Raza Techno Critica
Multi-media investigation of the mythologies of the information technology revolution, featuring performance, burla, installations, murals, cantinfladas and more. Collaboration with Rene Garica and John Leanos.

Carnavale of BioLife - the Hexterminators
Multi-media exploration of the devolutionary impacts of genetic engineering technology, featuring interventions, performances, installations, street theatre, and action jackson.

Critical Interventions


We Remember The Sun: 9/11/1973: Collaborative performance with L.M. Bogad remembering the other 9/11: the US sponsored coup in Chile of September 11, 1973 that ovethrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende.

Cabaret Marx: Burlesque extravaganza based on the philosophy of Groucho Marx, who once said: Politics is the Art of Looking for Trouble, Finding It, Misdiagnosing It and Misapplying the Wrong Solutions. Collaboration with multiple performers.

Department of Space and Land Reclamation: A three day campaign designed to take over public space in San Francisco through creative interventions, actions, and art projects. Los Uberlocos: The Ese: Last of his Tribe mural and performance burla addressing the dot com gentrification of San Francisco in 2000, and interventions, and actions addressing the cultural clear cutting front of the dot com gentrification of San Francisco in 2000.
Fresa Farms: Multi media installation exploring the 1997 United Farm Workers 5 cents for fairness strawberry campaign, feauring audio and video. Reversal of Fortune: Mixed media installation and intimate scale performance investigating the xenophobia and racism surrounding the Proposition 187 campaign in California in 1996.

Select Older Projects

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